Head of Department

Dr. Shaji Thomas,
Professor and Head of Department

The department of oral and maxillofacial surgery has evolved and expanded rapidly over the last 4 years and perhaps more so for the past 1year.

Although exodontia and other minor oral surgical procedures are the mainstay but Herculean progress has occurred in areas of,

  • Orthognathic surgeries.
  • Reconstructive surgeries- cleft lip and cleft palate management.
  • Radical neck resections.
  • Implantology.
  • Treatment of simple to complex fractures.

Coupled with these advances, great improvement have been put in-

  • Preprosthetic surgeries.
  • Management of cystic lesion.
  • Treatment of benign tumors and malignancies of soft and hard tissues of  maxillofacial region.
  • Orofacial pain, neck infection and their management.

Along with the advances in the operative field, significant improvements have been made in the areas involving.

  • Various methods of pain control.
  • Use of anesthetic and chemotherapeutic agents.
  • General management of surgical patients.
  • Post operative care of the patient.

The department is also blossoming and attaining new levels in the academics and research technique, henceforth contributing best scientific literature and articles.

For mission of this magnitude, obviously involves the cooperation of many professionals. With utmost zeal, sincerity and methodology, our zealots are trying to provide optimal healthcare and services to improve the quality of life to the community. Thereby building this precise goal with great perseverance, strong convictions, insatiable longing and schematic strategies.

The department is located on the first floor of Block-A. UG Clinic is provided with 37 Dental Chairs and sterilization facilities. Recovery room and other resuscitation facilities are provided.

PG CLINIC is provided with 9 Electronic computerized Dental Chairs and units. RVG and Intraoral camera are provided. Implant OT with two Dental chairs along with two Implant kits and supporting equipment is also provided One OT, exclusively for PCDS&RC is provided in People’s hospital. The Inpatient facilities with 20 bed ward is also located in of People’s Hospital.

Seminar room, Rooms for HOD & Staff are provided.


 1 Diagnosis and treatment planning of the  cases
 2 Case discussions
 3 Extractions of the teeth
1 Open reduction & fixation of Craniomaxillary trauma
2 Orthodontic surgery
3 Facial Space Infections
4 Cysts and Tumors
5 TMJ Disorders
6 Precancers and Cancers
7 Oro-antral Fistula
8 Cleft lip & palate Surgeries
9 Facial plastic & Reconstructive surgery
10 Distraction Osteogenesis
1 Transalveolar extractions
2 Impactions
3 Apicectomy
4 Alveoplasty
5 Vestibuloplasty
6 Ridge Augmentation
7 Sialolithotomy
8 Excisional biopsy
9 Closed reduction & fixation of maxillo-mandibular injuries
10 Emergency would closure under L.A.
11 Resuscitation of unconscious Patients
12 Implant placement