Department of Periodontology

Dr.Veena Kalburgi
Professor & HOD

Periodontology, Or Periodontics, Is The Third Branch Of Dentistry (Established In 1914) Which Studies The Supporting Structures Of Teeth , Known As The Periodontium , Which Includes The Gingiva (Gums), Alveolar ,Bone,Cementum, And The Periodontal Ligaments . The Word Comes From The Greek Words Peri Meaning Around And Odons Meaning Tooth . Literally Taken, It Means Study Of That Which Is “Around The Tooth”.

The Treatment Procedures Carried Out In The Department Of Periodontics Includes Non-Surgical Therapy And Surgical Intervention.

Non-Surgical Therapy Includes Scaling And Root Planing, Placement Of Local Drug Delivery Systems, Oral Irrigation With Wide Range Of Antiseptics, And Anti-Microbial Therapy.

Surgical Intervention Comprises Of Basic Flap Surgery, Periodontal Regenerative Procedures Utilizing Autogenous And Allogenous Bone Grafts With Barrier Membranes, Periodontal Plastic Surgical Procedures (Root Coverage Procedures, Correction Of Gingival Display), Surgical Procedures For Inter-Disciplinary Dental Therapy (Periodontal-Endodontic, Periodontal-Restorative Procedures), And Surgical Procedures For Oral Implantology.

Apart Form This, The Department Gives Academics The Utmost Priority Thus Providing The Platform For The Future Of Dentistry In General And Periodontics In Specific. The Academic Activities Include Didactic Lecture Classes For Under-Graduate Clinical Students, Clinical Training For The Same As Well As For The House-Surgeons, And Implementation Of Research Projects.

The department of Periodontia is located on the first floor of Block-B. UG Clinic is provided with 37 Dental Chairs and 8 cavitrans are provided for trainee UG students. Separate sterilization room with adequate number of sterilizers is provided.

PG Clinic  is provided with 9 Electronic computorised Dental Chairs and cavitrans. RVG, Intraoral camera and Electronic surgical unit are provided. Minor OT  with 2 Electronic computerised Dental Chairs and Implant kit is also provided.

National Periodontist Day Celebration – 1st March ,2023

The 1st National Periodontist Day was celebrated at Department of Periodontics, People’s College of Dental Sciences, Bhopal on March 01, 2023 as directed by ISP based on theme “HEALTHY GUMS and HEALTHY BODY”. Dean Dr. Parimala Kulkarni, respective Heads of department and faculty members were invited for the commencement of the programme. Welcome speech was given by Head of the Department, Dr. Veena Kalburgi . Activities like Reels competition and Slogan writing competition were organized for the undergraduates, Interns and post graduates based on the theme with full zeal and enthusiasm. The programme was co-ordinated by HOD Dr. Veena Kalburgi, Dr. Sumedha Srivastava, Dr. Ashutosh Dubey, Dr. Megha Jain, Dr. Anjali Kothari, Dr. Shweta Sarate and Dr. Seema Vanshkar , Pgs & intern of the Department.


In the end, Dr. Ashutosh delivered vote of thanks. The event was a great success because of the efforts by Dr. Megha, Dr. Seema, post graduates & interns of the Department of Periodontics.
Oral Hygiene Day Celebration in People’s College Of Dental Sciences And Research Centre

People’s College Of Dental Sciences And Research Centre of People’s University celebrated Oral Hygiene day on 1st August 2022. The Guest of Honor for the event was Dr. Chandresh Shukla and the Speaker for the event was Dr. Ajay Chouksey.All the HOD’S, staff members, post graduates and Undergraduates were present there.
The event began with the introduction of the chief guest followed by lamp lightening. Dr. Swapnil Parlani, Vice Dean of People’s College Of Dental Sciences And Research Centre and Dr. Veena Kalburgi, Head of the Department of Department of Periodontics welcomed Dr. Chandresh Shukla and Dr. Ajay Chouksey with a bouquet.
Later, Dr. Ajay Chouksey briefed the audience about the significance of oral hygiene day and the importance of maintaining oral hygiene.
Poster making competition was also conducted for the students. A group dance performance was presented by the Intern batch.
Dr. Chandresh Shukla briefed the audience about the importance of dental education. The winners were felicitated with certificates. Dr. Sumedha Shrivastava and Dr. Ashutosh Dubey presented Momento to the chief guest as a token of appreciation.


Department Of Periodontics
1- Diagnosis and treatment planning of the  cases
2- Case discussions
3- Supra & Subgingival scaling (hand scaling & ultrasonic)
4- Open & closed curettage
5- Root planing
6- Flap surgical procedures ( with & without bone grafting)
7- Gingivectory & gingivoplasty
8- Mucogingival surgeries
9- Root resection & hemisection
10- Gum veneers
11- Local drug delivery system
12- Osteoplasty & coronoplasty
13- Splinting
14- Pre- prosthetic surgical procedures
15- Incision & drainage of abscess
16- Guided tissue regeneration with collagen membrane + hydroxyapatite
17- Endo – perio cases