Dr.Santosh Kumar Singh

Professor & HOD

Rapid advances in basic dental sciences and the development of sophisticated instrumentation have had a pronounced effect on our clinical technique and field of conservative and endodontics is at the forefront of that transformation.

Here in PCDSRC we incorporate new and advanced concepts into provision of the patients care to conserve more number of teeth than ever before.

Among the most illustrated example of continuing change facing the dental profession are the emergence of esthetic/cosmetic dentistry, surgical endodontics, implants and application of CAD/CAM in dentistry. For department of conservative dentistry and endodontics these endeavour represent the pinnacle of high technology and convincing demonstrate our skill in dealing with the larger issue of technology transfer into its discipline. We are pleased that the institute is emphasizing these developments very shortly.

The clinicians are providing students with extensive knowledge and clinical experience pertaining to evolving technologies and they provide an excellent account of what will surely become an increasingly important component of conservative dentistry and endodontics.

We have made every attempt to approach these endeavor in a systematic, categorical and thorough manner, providing foundations for restorative dentistry, endodontics, surgical endodontics, implants, esthetic dentistry, etc. our main objective is to advocate the use of clinical procedure that are based on scientific facts, that is to correlate clinical practice with basic sciences ultimately an underpinning of basic dental sciences leads to the most effective clinical treatment.

The department of Conservative Dentistry and Endodontics is located on first floor of Block-A. UG Clinic is provided with 34 Dental Chairs with units and micro motors. Adequate sterilization facilities and adequate number of hand instruments are provided for effective functioning. One periapical X-ray machine, one RVG , One Bleaching Unit and one intraoral camera are provided.

Phantom laboratory with 50 working tables, jaws and micro motors are provided. In addition there are 50 more Torso phantom head in second laboratory.

PG CLINIC is adjusant to UG Clinic and has 22 Well Equipped computerized Dental Chairs. Supporting metal and ceramic Lab facilities are provided in the department. Seminar rooms, Rooms for HOD and staff are provided. Treatment Proceedures

Department Of Conservative Dentistry & Endodontics
1- Diagnosis and treatment planning of the  cases
2- Case discussions
3- Exclusive Microdentistry Clinic
4- Esthetic procedures
5- Root canal Treatment
6- Endodontic Surgery
7- Smile Designing and Bleaching
8- Management of traumatic Injuries
9- complex restorations










Workshop organised on Trunatomy file system and composite material on 19/05/2021

VENUE: Department of Conservative & Endodontics, Peoples College of Dental Science & Research Centre
RESOURCE PERSON: Dr. Faizal Sheikh
NAME OF COORDINATORS:, Dr. Santosh Singh, Dr. Anu Narang, Dr. Pankaj Mishra, Dr Kalpana Rai sharma , Dr Sushil Kishnani, Dr Tanushree Pandey, Dr Ruba Khan, Dr Khusboo
PARTICIPANTS:Faculty Members:8,Students:6
BRIEF ABOUT THE EVENT: workshop was conducted by Dr Faizal Sheikh from DENTSPLY on newer rotary system : TRUNATOMY which is single file system. He also demonstrated some newer composite materials. The techniques were very skillfully demonstrated and explained by Dr.Faizal Sheikh .The event was conducted by the head of the department, faculties and postgraduates of the department of conservative and endodontics. It was a successful event.