Dept. of Conservative Dentistry & Endodontics
1 Dr. Santosh Kumar Singh MDS Professor & HOD
2 Dr. Anu Narang MDS Professor
3 Dr. Pankaj Mishra MDS Professor
4 Dr. Sushil Kishnani MDS Reader
5 Dr. Khushboo Magwa MDS Sr. Lecturer
6 Dr. Ruba Khan MDS Sr. Lecturer
7 Dr.Purnima Verma MDS  Sr. Lecturer
8 Dr.Archana Meena BDS Lecturer
Dept. of Oral Medicine and Radiology 
1 Dr. Preeti P. Nair MDS Professor & HOD
2 Dr. Annette M. Bhambal MDS Professor
3 Dr. G.C. Shivakumar MDS Professor
4 Dr. Rashmi Sathe MDS Sr. Lecturer
5  Dr. Palak Chaudhary MDS Sr. Lecturer
6 Dr.Roopali Patel MDS Sr. Lecturer
Dept. of Oral Pathology Microbiology                        
1 Dr. Shubhangi Mhaske MDS Professor & HOD
2 Dr. Ami Desai MDS Reader
3 Dr. Arti Gupta BDS Lecturer
4 Dr. Heena Khan BDS Lecturer
5 Dr. Shazi Fatima BDS Lecturer
6 Dr. Anushree Maheswari BDS Lecturer
Dept. of Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery  
1 Dr. Shaji Thomas MDS Professor & HOD
2 Dr.Ashutosh Dutt Pathak MDS Professor
3  Dr. Sabhrant Singh MDS Reader
4 Dr. Prashant Jain MDS Sr. Lecturer
5 Dr. Charu Dixit MDS Sr. Lecturer
6 Dr. Satyaprakash Nigam MDS Sr. Lecturer
7 Dr. Divyashree K. R. BDS Lecturer
Dept. of Orthodontics & Dentofacial Orthopedics
1 Dr. Trilok Shrivastava MDS Professor & HOD
4 Dr. Syed Akbar Ali MDS Professor
5 Dr. Siddharth Dixit MDS Reader
7 Dr. Aakash Patel MDS Sr. Lecturer
8 Dr. Farzeen Khan BDS Lecturer
Dept. of Paedodontics and Preventive Dentistry   
1 Dr. Parimala Kulkarni ( Dean) MDS Dean, Professor & HOD
2 Dr. Nikita Agrawal MDS Professor
3 Dr. Shilpi Tiwari MDS Professor
4 Dr. Shikha Mali MDS Reader
5 Dr. Saurabh Kale MDS Reader
6 Dr. Anoop Kumar Shrivas MDS Sr. Lecturer
7 Dr. M Srinivas MDS Sr.Lecturer
8  Dr.Zainab Anjum  BDS  Lecturer
Dept. of Periodontology
1 Dr. Veena Kalburgi MDS Professor  & HOD
2 Dr. Sumedha Srivastava MDS Professor
4 Dr. Megha Jain MDS Sr. Lecturer
5 Dr. Shweta Sarate MDS Sr. Lecturer
6 Dr. Anjali Kothari MDS Sr. Lecturer
7 Dr. Seema Vanshkar BDS Lecturer
Dept. of Prosthodontics & Crown & Bridge
1 Dr. Swapnil Parlani (Vice dean) MDS Porfessor & HOD,Vice Dean (Acad.),
2 Dr. Kirti Jajoo MDS Professor
3 Dr. Shreyans Damade MDS Reader
4 Dr. Nimit Jain MDS Reader
5  Dr. Shipra Shukla MDS Sr. Lecturer
6 Dr.Apoorwa Awasthi MDS Sr. Lecturer
Dept. of Public Health Dentistry  
1 Dr. Sahana. S MDS Professor  & HOD
2  Dr. Garima Bhambani MDS Reader
3 Dr. Tarun Pratap Singh MDS Reader
4 Dr. Anshika Khare MDS Sr. Lecturer
5 Dr. Anuja Pathak MDS Sr. Lecturer
6 Dr. Nigar Ishtiague BDS Lecturer
Dept. of Anatomy
S. No. Name of Employee Qualification Designation
Dept. of Anatomy
1 Dr.Eva Marker M.Sc.,
(Med.) Anatomy Bioch.)
Dept. of Biochemistry
1 Dr. B. S. Dangi M.Sc., Ph.D.,
(Med. Bioch.)
Professor & HOD
Dept. of Physiology
1 Mr. Anirban Chakraborti M.Sc.
(Human Physiology)
Dept. of  Microbiology
1 Dr. Saba Hussain M. Sc., Ph. D.
Professor & HOD
2 Mrs. Vandita Rawat M.SC Lecturer
Dept. of General  Pathology                                            
1 Dr. Ajit S. Jain MBBS Lecturer
Dept. of Pharmacology
1 Dr. Raj sharma Ph.D. (Pharma.) Associate Professor
Dept. of General Medicine
1 Dr. Basant Kumar Lecturer
Dept. of General Surgery 

Faculty Development
Learning is continuous process in field of medicine and dentistry. Faculties, clinicians, specialist are exposed everyday to different sets of observation and manifestation of disease. It important for institute to give them opportunity to acquire more knowledge through various channels of learning and stimulate new innovation and strategies to treat, provided services and advancement in their career. This help the institute to progress toward higher goal along with inclusive growth of their faculties as well as to attract best talent in country. These efforts are taken Dean’s and Heads of Department with support from People’s University.