PCDS has started the department on 1st March,2017 with full support and cooperation from Management, Dean Dr Shaji Thomas & other staff members from PCDS.

Happiness department aims to suggest & activate simple ways for spreading happiness that will coordinate among other departments and craft policies in a way to increase the level of happiness among employers & citizens.

This department has to convene regular meetings as required to fulfil these aims & committee of 6 members was formulated as given below-

  • Dr Parimala Tyagi (Hod, Department Of Pedodontics)
  • Dr Rinky Ahuja (Senior Lecturer, Department Of Oral Pathology)-
  • Dr Shikha Mali( Senior Lecturer, Department Of Pedodontics)
  • Dr Kirti Jajoo( Reader, Department Of Prosthodontics)
  • Dr Sumedha Srivastava (Reader, Department Of Periodontics)
  • Miss Katayenee Sharma -Student Representative.