Research source is very fundamental need for any type of research and researcher. It comes either from primary source or secondary source or comprised of both. The institute have well equipped library  containing numerous book titles and scientific journal to obtain the primary information about medical research. Also Institute provide oral health care to large section of people which provide vast amount of data for researcher. College have act as research provider to large number of its students and faculty to perform research in area of interest.

University Support 

Centre for Scientific and Research Development

People’s university provide advanced research facility to Students and faculties.


Innovation is important aspect of educational institute as well as day to day life. It is need of today’s world. People’s University organizes seminars and workshop on innovation, intellectual property rights(IPR). People’s University encourages, helps, direct and coordinate student and faculty in securing IPR, patenting and licensing research in institute.

Central Library

People’s University has central library facility for constitutional units. Students and faculties of these institute can avail library book and journal through proper channel.

List of Agencies for Grants and funding opportunities