Research Advisory Committee (RAC) is composed of faculty members for different disciplines and streams to have diverse outlook in research conduction and their further transmission to the community.
RAC’s play important role in following aspects include, but not limited only to
•  To enhance the institutional research activities;
•  To attract research funds for supporting and facilitating research ideas and projects of faculties and students;
•  Inter-institute clinical posting of students and providing opportunities to Faculties to undertake short-term course/ observership in another institute;
•  To provide a platform or base for proper coordination of all research activities of the college and aligning these to the vision and missions of the college aims and objective;
•  To integrate research outlook through regular curriculum implementation and curriculum enrichment activities among students and participants;
•  To encourage interdepartmental/ inter/intra-institutional research activities and establish modalities for preparing and undertaking joint research projects covering more than one knowledge domain as well as policies for involving external agencies/experts in such projects;

Promotion of research is an important step towards achieving the above goals. To obtain the fruits of achievement, one needs to plant seeds first. RAC focus on research idea, methodology, technical skill, and infrastructure development. To initiate and develop research culture, RAC has taken great stride by formulating guidelines for potential researchers within faculties and students. Institute department have departmental discussion and seminars (presented by the Post-graduate student). This provides an excellent platform to faculties to develop new research ideas with help of other faculties. Senior faculties interact with junior faculties on developing topics and provide them require guidance, mentoring. Senior faculties encourage and supervise juniors in preparing and submitting the proposal to RAC. Junior faculties are allowed to take a lead role and become a principal investigator with the freedom to undertake research independently. The faculties interact with students during routine academic work. Faculties identify the potential candidate and are encouraged, guided and helped to prepare small projects and complete it.

RAC approval for a research project
College students and faculty who want to obtain RAC clearance to conduct research in institute have to submit a project in a prescribed format (link)