Department Oral Medicine and Radiology

Oral Medicine Diagnosis & Radiology is the first department where the patient is received; elaborate history is taken with thorough examination and investigations that aid in arriving at a diagnosis. Patients are medically managed with required alterations in medications and other medical advices are given.

The patient is received in a well appointed and soothing reception. They are referred to the respective specialties for specific treatment for dental problems. This department is well equipped with 23 dental chairs and instruments. Sophisticated methods of sterilization are available to render quality care and eminent professionals take utmost care and concern of well being of the patients.

Department of oral medicine deals with diagnosis and management of mucosal lesions, orofacial pain, TMJ disorders and early detection of oral cancer. The speciality of this branch is dealing with the management of oral lesions in patients with systemic disorders as well as early detection of systemic conditions in patients with oral mucosal conditions. Various clinical investigations performed in the department deals with early detection of oral cancer.

The Department of Radiology goes hand in hand with Oral Medicine providing facilities for all dental radiographic investigations to patient. Facilities for Digital and Manual Intra Oral Periapical Radiographs and Occlusal Radiographs, RVG,  Orthopantomogram, Lateral Cephalographs, TMJ Tomogram and digital printer are available for the patient. We also have TENS machine, pulptester, and other diagnostic aids as well.  Technically well qualified radiographers and Dark Room Assistant ensure that high quality radiographs are made with the least exposure possible