1. Customer Satisfaction towards SBI Online Banking Services
2. Customer Preference towards Online and Offline Travel Agency
3. Digitization – Boon and Bane
4. Encouraging Employee Workplace Green Behavior through Green HRM
5. Study to Analyze the Effect of Online Reviews and Buying Behaviour of Customer towards Sale of Mobile Phones in Bhopal Area
6. Corporate Social Responsibility of GAIL India Limited- A Review
7. A Study of Financial Crisis in the Era of Covid-19 Pandemic
8. The Study of Significant Impact of ISO Certification for Police Services with reference to Police Station of Misrod, Bhopal (Madhya Pradesh)
9. Contribution of Laharipanchak in Values & Ethics
10. CSR Frontier – Shaping a Sustainable World Together
11. Impact of Social Media on Consumer Decision-Making in Online Marketing in India
12. A Study on Startup Ecosystem in Madhya Pradesh
13. Impact of Innovative HRM practices on employee’s ethical behavior