The college has a well equipped nutrition lab  to provide practical knowledge of how to plan diet keeping in mind the patient needs and requirements. The students are taught to plan the menu scientifically, based on the calorific value of the food materials.


To Facilitate the INC recommended requirements to the undergraduate & diploma nursing students& Provide an ideal   environment to correlate theory with practice.


  • To describe the relationship between nutrition and health.
  • To describe the classification, functions, sources and recommended daily allowance of all Nutrients (CHO, Proteins, Fats, Vitamins, Minerals etc)
  • To describe the sources, Functions, and requirements of water and electrolytes.
  • To prepare various types of diets eg: Bland diet, fluid diet, diabetic diet, cardiac diet etc.
  • To prepare different types of normal and therapeutic diet according to principles of food preparation.
  • To use a variety of cooking techniques in the preparation of meal.
  • To prepare food under safe and proper sanitary conditions.
  • To use nutrition knowledge to prepare meal according to individual needs.
  • To work individually and in group in a well organized and cooperative manner.


  • To introduce students about Cookery rules and Preservation of nutrients.
  • To prepare and serve simple beverages and different types of foods.
  • To teach students about principles, methods of cooking and serving.
  • To help students to plan menu with RDA calculation for different categories of patients
  • To help students calculate and analyze nutritional supply of different food preparations


  • Preparation & Maintain Inventory register.
  • Monthly inventory checking to be done& take sign   from HOI.
  • If any items missing/ breakage it should be report to the HOI.
  • Safety of the tab checking   to   be done   frequently (leakage of gas…)
  • Adequate ventilation& light checking to be done. If any problem    report to maintains dept.
  • Indent for any item to be sent with sign of HOI.
  • Articles Issue register, in/out register, student’s attendance & activities register   and Stock register to be maintained.