People’s College of Nursing and Research Centre, Bhopal M.P Obstetric & Gynecological Nursing Department

Midwifery skill lab is specifically equipped practice room functioning as training facilities offering to midwifery students in training as well as staffs alike a protected, fault forgiving environment for the practice of clinical.

Our skill lab provide students with the opportunity for hands-on practice with anatomical models before applying skills in real life situations, preparing them for better practice in the workforce. We develop this lab with 6 stations named: Antenatal, Family Planning, Postnatal, Infection Prevention, Complication Management and Labour Room.

In our Skill lab we have advanced mannequins like Mamma natally, Neonatally,  PPIUCD, Abdominal Palpation Model , IV Arm, and  Labour Dummy Episiotomy simulators for simulation training, we have dakshta trained faculties to teach the students.

Obstetric & Gynecological Nursing Department consist of three faculties. Mrs.  Neha Prasad , HOD, Mrs. Nitika Bhargav, Asst Professor and Mrs. Seema Sahu Tutor, are working towards the betterment and achievement of the objectives of the department.


  • To perform physical, psychological, cultural & Spiritual Assessment.
  • To Demonstrate competence in caring for women with obstetrical & gynecological conditions.
  • To equip & competence in caring for high risk newborn.
  • To identify and manage Obstetrical & gynecological & neonatal emergencies as per protocol.
  • To practice infection (prevention) control measures.
  • To learn to utilize recent technology various diagnosis, therapeutic modalities in the management of obstetrical , gyne and neonatal care.
  • To handle various equipments.
  • To Learn to design layout of speciality units.
  • To counsel women & families.
  • To learn function as Independent Midwifery Practitioner.

5th May 2021

Report of International Midwifery Day

On the occasion of international midwifery day with the collaboration society of Midwives M.P Chapter our college organize a Webinar on the 7th May at 2 pm on the theme :- Follow the Data : Invest in Midwives.

There were  four speakers-

Dr. M. Prakasamma ( Founder- SOMI)

Dr. Rathi Balachandra (Additional Director General (Nursing), Director General Health Service, Govt. of India)

Dr. Geeta Chhibbar (National Program Manager, JHPIEGO)

Ms. Inderjeet Kaur (Director of Midwifery Services, Fernandaz Foundation, Hyderabad , India )

The session was started with brief introduction of the theme and after discussed about the latest evidence on the critical importance of investing in Quality midwifery care to the forefront of global health. Explain the Five Pillars of Model of care that protection of human right and dignity , normal Birth ,women Centered care, Autonomy and profession Collaboration and Evidence based practice and the establishment of MLCU at the NMTI.

Activities : Skill lab Demonstrations