People’s College of Nursing and Research Centre, Bhopal M.P Obstetric & Gynecological Nursing Department

Midwifery skill lab is specifically equipped practice room functioning as training facilities offering to midwifery students in training as well as staffs alike a protected, fault forgiving environment for the practice of clinical.

Our skill lab provide students with the opportunity for hands-on practice with anatomical models before applying skills in real life situations, preparing them for better practice in the workforce. We develop this lab with 6 stations named: Antenatal, Family Planning, Postnatal, Infection Prevention, Complication Management and Labour Room.

In our Skill lab we have advanced mannequins like Mamma natally, Neonatally,  PPIUCD, Abdominal Palpation Model , IV Arm, and  Labour Dummy Episiotomy simulators for simulation training, we have dakshta trained faculties to teach the students.

Obstetric & Gynecological Nursing Department consist of three faculties. Mrs.  Neha Prasad , HOD, Mrs. Nitika Bhargav, Asst Professor and Mrs. Seema Sahu Tutor, are working towards the betterment and achievement of the objectives of the department.


  • To perform physical, psychological, cultural & Spiritual Assessment.
  • To Demonstrate competence in caring for women with obstetrical & gynecological conditions.
  • To equip & competence in caring for high risk newborn.
  • To identify and manage Obstetrical & gynecological & neonatal emergencies as per protocol.
  • To practice infection (prevention) control measures.
  • To learn to utilize recent technology various diagnosis, therapeutic modalities in the management of obstetrical , gyne and neonatal care.
  • To handle various equipments.
  • To Learn to design layout of speciality units.
  • To counsel women & families.
  • To learn function as Independent Midwifery Practitioner.