People’s College of Nursing Workshops & Conferences

S.NO Workshop/conferences DATE State/National /International
1 Webinar on: Evidence based practice  series -1 Health care  Professional  on digital media 04th July 2020 international
2 webinar on : Evidence based practice  series -2 21th  November 2020 National
3 Webinar on: Midwives A change agent 13th -14th August 2020 National
4 workshop on : Prevention of hospital acquired pressure ulcer 13th October 2020 State
5 Webinar on: Scope of Nursing in India & Aboard 16th October 2020 National
6 Conference on: Scientific writing 20th February 2020 National
7 workshop on: Research Methodology 18th September  2018 State
8 workshop on :Resuscitating Research with Bioethics in India 28th January 2017 National
9 workshop on: SPSS (Statistical package for social science) 16th  January 2016 National