SNA is an organization, which takes care of the student’s activities, develops overall leadership qualities, welfares as well as teaches professionalism in nursing. In gives an opportunity for the students to participate in various programme & event at different level. A student admitted to the PCN & RC automatically takes the membership of SNA by paying prescribed fee.


1. 4-10 January Folic Acid Awareness Week Camp for Antenatal Women
2. 26 January Republic Day Programmes related to patriotism
3. 30 January Leprosy Day Visit to Leprosy Home
4. 4 February World Cancer Day Role play for palliative care inmates/ Early detection camp
5. 7-13 February Burn Awareness Week Demonstration on Use of Extinguisher by Fire Brigade/ First Aid on Burns poster Competition/Semiar
6. 8 March International Women’s Day Intercollegiate Paper Presentation
7. 24 March World Tuberculosis Day Health Awareness Camp/ Promotion of DOTS/Health Education Skits in Slum Areas.
8. 7 April World Health Day Role play to create awareness on theme at hospital/ Cycle Rally/Seminar
9. 11 April Safe Motherhood Day Camp for Antenatal Check up/Lamp of SOMI-Journey to M.P./ Seminar/workshop for ANMs/Maternity & Neonatal Nurses
10. 5 May International Midwives Day Felicitation of ANM/ Workshop/Seminar for ANMs
11. 12 May International Nurses Day Award Ceremony for Excellent Services in Nursing/cultural Events/Exhibition of Nurse’s Activities
12. 5 June World Environment Day Slogan Competition/ face Painting./Tree Plantation in Institution/ Seminar/Debate
13. 14 June World Blood Donor Day Blood Donation Camp Organization
14. 19 June world Sickle cell day Seminar
15. 11 July World Population day Role play on Population Control Measures/ Seminar
16. 1-7 August world Breast Feeding Week Seminar/Poster Competition/Demonstration of Breast feeding Techniques to ANM’s at CHC & PHC level/Awareness camp among pregnant women
17. 11-12 August M.P. State SNA Conference
18. 15 August Independence Day Flag hosting and patriotic competitions
19. 21 September World Alzheimer Day Visit to specialized unit/Seminar/ Lecture
20. 28 September World Rabies Day Seminar on First Aid Treatment
21. 30 September World Heart Day Seminar/ Camp on Heart Disease Prevention
22. 1 October World Geriatric Day Old Age Home Visit/ Distribution of Fruits/Recreational Activities
23. 10 October World Mental health Day Road Show/ Rally/Awareness Camp/ Poster Competition
24. 14 November Children’s Day Demonstration of Hand Hygiene in Schools
25. 1 December world AIDA Day Role Play at Hospitals/ Rally for Awareness.
26. 3 December International Day of Disabled Person Visit to Disabled Children School


Date Event I Prize II Prize
  Poetry Competition ENGLISH Sarita Saini B.Sc (N) II year Sita Sharma B.Sc (N) III year
HINDI Blessy John B.Sc (N) II year Nivedita Patel B.Sc (N) II year
Rangoli Competition Ragini Dabey B.Sc (N) II year Dipika Bahe B.Sc (N) II year
01/09/11 Health Education Competition Rini Simon & Group B.Sc (N) III year Manisha Harode & Group B.Sc (N) II year Manish & Group B.Sc (N) IV year
Personality Contest Mr SNA PEOPLE’S Pooja Chouriya B.Sc (N) II year Ms SNA PEOPLE’S Rahul Ahuja B.Sc (N) IV year

SNA Unit of the college celebrated SNA Week with great enthusiasm. All the students actively participated in the event. The details of the events are as follows-