A Study to assess the knowledge & attitude towards organ
donation among Bacchularate Nursing Students
Postnatal depression among mothers
Knowledge, beliefs & practices regarding menstruation, pregnancy
& sexual behaviour among adolescent girl
Study of knowledge of first aid management & emergency care in burn pateints
P.N.F.(People’s Nutrition Formula)
A Study to assess the effectiveness of planned among hypertensive
patient attending outpatient dept at selected hospital, salem
A study to assess the weaning practice among mothers selected hospital Mangalore
A Study to assess the knowledge of the adolescents on risk factors related to oral cancer.
Knowledge of antenatal mothers about  Hepatitis B
A Comparison of Nutritional Status of Adolescents from selected schools of south India & UAE


Effect of back massage on sleep among post operative CABG & Value replacement patients
Factors influencing the learning of Community Health Nursing
Effects of Alcoholism on adolescent boys
Prevalence of bronchial asthma in Indian Children
A Study to assess the awareness on blood donation among the pts relatives in Haritha Multispeciality hospital at Kakinada
Mentoring A guide to cancer advancement
Effectiveness of semi sitting position during the 2nd stage of labor on maternal and neonatal outcomes among primi gravida.
Knowledge of mothers regarding Protein energy malnutrition


Risk  factors of seizure disorder
Effectiveness of play therapy
Effectiveness of RRT
Perceived level of stress among

B.Sc.(N)IV year students

Effectiveness of STP regarding menstrual hygiene and management
Home care of hemodialysis
The dialectic in becoming a mother: experiencing a post partum phenomenon
Menopausal depression
Effectiveness of STP on blood transfusion among student nurses
Knowledge and beliefs about breast feeding among adolescents.
Risk of needle stick injuries among nurses in a tertiary care hospital
Assessment of mental health status of abandoned children’s
A comparative study to assess the knowledge and prevalence of anemia among school children in selected urban and rural schools of Manamadurai
Effectiveness of oral care & oral hygiene among  children in Kancheepuram dist Tamil Nadu
Level of stress among student nurses in selected nursing institutes