People’s College of Medical Science and Research established in the year 2005 is a Constituent Unit of People’s University, Bhopal. The college is the result of untiring efforts of the Sarvajanik Jankalyan Parmarthik Nyas and culmination of determined efforts of Honorable Chairman Shri Suresh Vijaywargiya. The Nyas was registered on 17th April 2000 under the MP public trust act 1951. The idea behind this college was to provide medical education, promote health care research activities & to develop a health care hub which will cater the genuine needs of the community. Provision of critical & ambulatory care to the poorest of poor was the humble goal.

The 1227 bedded People’s Hospital attached with People’s College of Medical Science and Research is a specialty teaching hospital established in October 2002. The hospital provides modern diagnostic and treatment facilities. Some specialized services available are Gastroenterology, Endocrinology, Plastic Surgery, Pediatrics Surgery, Neurology, Cardiology, Urology, Psychiatry, Neonatology, Laparoscopic Surgery, Spinal Surgery, Micro-Laryngeal Surgery, Fasio-Maxillary Surgery, and Reconstructive Surgery

The campus is spread over an area of about 40 acres; it is a beautifully architectured and landscaped wi-fi campus keeping in mind utility & aesthetic view. This serene, clean & unpolluted campus accommodates main college building, state of art auditoriums and gymnasium, cafeteria, National Bank facility, post office, ATM service centre, residential quarters for teaching & non-teaching faculty members, day care centre, 24 x 7 in-house security, police out post and upcoming recreational & family entertainment centre.

Letter of Intent: Dated -30 June 2005
Letter of Permission: Dated – 13 July 2005
Renewal of permission 2nd batch: Dated – 01 June 2006
Renewal of permission 3rd batch: Dated – 30 March 2007
Renewal of permission 4th batch: Dated – 10 June 2008
Renewal of permission 5th batch: Dated -20 November 2009
Recognition / Approval:  MCI No. 34(41)/2010 Med/752 dated 12 July 2010

MD/MS -Letters of Permission

Subject Ref No. Dated
Anatomy MCI-48(22)/2010-Med/71469 28-02-2011
Anaesthesia MCI-48(22)/2010-Med/71461 28-02-2011
Biochemistry MCI-48(22)/2010-Med/70636 26-02-2011
Community Medicine MCI-48(22)/2010-Med/60568 01-02-2011
DVL MCI-48(22)/2010-Med/72730 03-03-2011
ENT MCI-48(22)/2010-Med/71678 28-02-2011
General Medicine MCI-48(22)/2010-Med/71465 28-02-2011
General Surgery MCI-48(22)/2010-Med/71354 27-02-2011
Forensic Medicine MCI-48(22)/2011-Med/104050 27-04-2012
Radiodiagnosis MCI-48(22)/2011-Med/104054 27-04-2012
Microbiology MCI-48(22)/2010-Med/60926 02-02-2011
OBG MCI-48(22)/2010-Med/71410 27-02-2011
Ophthalmology MCI-48(22)/2012-Med/10773 27-03-2012
Orthopaedics MCI-48(22)/2010-Med/83640 31-03-2011
Pathology MCI-48(22)/2010-Med/76317 16-03-2011
Paediatrics MCI-48(22)/2010-Med/83600 31-03-2011
Pharmacology MCI-48(22)/2010-Med/67383 17-02-2011
Physiology MCI-48(22)/2010-Med/70712 26-02-2011
Psychiatry MCI-48(22)/2010-Med/82853 31-03-2011
Respiratory Medicine MCI-48(22)/2010-Med/71630 28-02-2011