Biomedical Waste Management

Peoples Hospital is dedicated towards clean and proper disposal of Bio- Medical Waste in an environment friendly manner, in conformance with M.P.P.C.B, State/National regulations.

In the hospital, segregation of waste is ensured at source in colour coded containers as per norms. Solid biomedical waste is treated as per guidelines in in-house incinerator. Liquid biomedical waste is pre-treated with Sodium hypochlorite before draining into in-house ETP plant. General waste is segregated from biomedical waste at source, which is disposed of into municipal corporation waste.

Annual Biomedical Waste Report

Link 1 PCMS-Consent order for Bio-Medical Waste Treatment Facility

Link 2  PCMS-Annual Return Report for Health Care Facilities

Link 3  PCMS- Environmental Audit Report for Health Care Facilities