Hostel facilities have been arranged, separately for boys & girls, with comfortable, spacious and airy rooms in the campus itself. Adequate security arrangements have been made. The hostel mess shall be closely monitored by residential warden to ensure that the students get the best possible in terms of quality, hygiene and pricing. The rooms are available on twin sharing basis. Hostels are very close to college, hospital and library.


  • Policy and Procedure for Allotment of Rooms: The policy for allotment of rooms will be decided by the Institution’s management, and may be changed to cater to the unforeseen cases / circumstances. Allotment of rooms made by the Dean or any authorized staff will be strictly adhered to. Changes shall not be made on their own on mutual or other basis.
  • Payment of Hostel Fee: No student is permitted to stay in the hostel without having paid the hostel fee in full in advance and obtaining an allotment order from the Dean.
  • Stay by Unauthorized Persons: No student is allowed to share his/her room with any one other than an authorized occupant of the room.
  • Stay of Parents / Relatives: Parents / relatives of bonafide hostellers are not permitted to stay in the hostel. However, in case of any emergency mother / father may be allowed in Institute’s guest rooms with prior permission of the Dean and for not more than 2 days. This is subject to availability of rooms in the Guest House. They have to pay the charges of guest room and can also avail the facility of mess on payment. No food will be served in rooms.

The Main Gates of the Hostels will be closed at 10:00 pm in the night and be opened at 5:00 am in the morning. Any student coming after 10:00 pm will have to deposit his / her identity card to the

  • Security at the main gate. These identity cards will be sent by security to the Dean next morning from where the student (s) can collect them back after giving satisfactory explanation for their late entry.
  • No Personal Music System and televisions are allowed in the hostel. Only walkman / portable CD player with earphones may be permitted. Any loud music which disturbs others is prohibited.
  • The LAPTOPS will be allowed with prior permission of the Dean .
  • Air coolers may be allowed during summer months with prior permission of the Dean and against payment of prescribed fees.
  • A student can be expelled from the hostel by giving a notice of 48 hours. Within this period he can submit explanation. Inmates expelled on grounds of indiscipline will forfeit hostel fees paid by them


  • Students shall have the breakfast, food etc. in the dining hall only. Food is not permitted to be carried outside the dining hall or to the hostel rooms.
  • Students shall have breakfast, lunch, evening tea and dinner within stipulated hours. Late comers will not be entitled for these services.
  • Students shall not waste food.
  • Students shall not enter into the kitchen and storage areas or make any direct interference in them.
  • In cases of problems relating to the quantity, quality of food, sanitation, behavior by the hostel staff or any other such problem the inmates will not attempt to settle the problem directly. The matter is to be addressed to the Warden / Dean who will arrange to redress the same.


  • Room Inventory: All furniture and fixtures in the room allotted to student must be properly taken care of. Student will be required to pay the original cost of any item found missing from the room and also be required to pay the charges of repair of items that are found to have been willfully damaged or have been damaged on account of misuse or unfair wear and tear along with penalty and such acts will attract disciplinary action.
  • Interchange of Furniture / Fixtures: Students are prohibited from interchanging any furniture / fixture from one point / location in the hostel to another. Such acts will tentament to willful acts of indiscipline.

Assets in Common Areas / CorridorsTheft/ damage to hostel assets in common areas / corridors will be recovered from all the students of the flank / wing involved. In case of theft / damage to items that pertain to usage by the complete hostel, the recoveries


  1. may be made from all the occupants of the hostel.
  2. Economy in Consumption of Water and Electricity: It will be incumbent upon a student to exercise restraint in the use of water and electricity. Lights / fans/ coolers, water taps not in use must be switched off whenever a student leaves his / her room.


  1. The student(s) who desire to leave the hostel for specific purpose is required to obtain prior written permission from the warden (out pass). If a student is leaving for more then a week permission must be taken from Dean.
  2. Student is required to enter the time of departure and sign in the register at security while going out and enter the arrival time and signature on return.


  1. The inmate of the hostel is required to fill up a prescribed application format to stay out of the hostel and get it duly approved by the warden before leaving. (Not more than 2 days).
  2. Girl student when returning from such leave is required to have her out pass endorsed by the guardian in confirmation that she stayed with the guardian. (Telephone no. of guardian should be mentioned).
  3. Night-outs or staying in night at local guardian is neither encouraged nor normally permitted in the institution and prior consent of the parent’s local guardian and the warden is required.


  • Visitors are requested to fill in the details completely in the visitor’s book duly signed before meeting the inmate.
  • Hostels are provided with visiting area for the visitors to meet the students. Visits must be taken only between 04:00 pm to 7:00 pm.
  • Visitors should refrain from venturing inside hostel rooms, as it shall amount to intrusion in privacy of other inmates.
  • Visitors should not distribute edibles of any type to any inmate of hostel