Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery is a branch that deals with the art of diagnosis and treatment of various diseases, pathologies and defects involving the oro-facial region. This specialty has evolved through the ages and presently the Oral & Maxillofacial surgeon deals with the various craniofacial pathologies in a multi disciplinary environment.

The department of Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery renders all varieties of surgical treatment ranging from acquired, congenital, traumatic and developmental diseases of the jaws and face to simple extraction of teeth

The section of oral & Maxillofacial surgery has a varied scope. The under graduate program basically deals with knowledge of local anaesthesia, extraction of teeth (exodontia), complications arising thereof and the subsequent management of medical emergencies on the dental chair. Various research projects are also assigned to the students, in order to sensitize them on research methodology etc.

For the treatment of patients and for imparting proper professional training to students, facilities of People’s Hospital are utilized which is equipped with state of the art O.T.s and indoor admission. The department strives for academic excellence by active association with various National and International organization and through the guidance of highly qualified staff with vast and varied experience in the reputed institution of the country.

The department of oral and Maxillofacial surgery envisages creation of a dedicated environment for learning the art and science of this discipline directed towards amelioration of patience suffering as a consequence of the myriad disease deformities and afflictions affecting the stomatognathic complex and the face.

The department caters to the training and learning needs of the undergraduates as well as the post graduate student. The training program shall includes lectures and presentation ,closed group discussion,case discussion ,clinical demonstration, supervision of students clinical work.

The department caters to the needs of patients with diverse range of or facial problems requiring international and collective surgical procedures.

Broadly these include minor procedures executed under local anaesthesia and major procedure carried out on Hospital patients under general anaesthesia.

All admitted patient are seen by faculty members during daily rounds . Case reporting to the emergency department of people’s Hospital is examined by faculty. Post graduate student prepare the case and attend the OTs unit wise.

The incharge staff nurse of the department ensure implantation of all sterilization and disinfection measures for articles instruments and surface in the operatory. She  also keep a record of Daily sterilization and weekly fumigation of the minority and send culture samples periodically.

Faculty and the post graduate students are interested in taking up research project.

All the department work inclunding extraction, lecture, presentation minor and major case, OTs, closed group discussion,sterilization and  fumigation  records are maintained.


More than 100 publications in National and International journals.