3.1.1. Research Promotion Policy

3.1.2. Research Funding

3.1.3. National/ International fellowship / Financial support for advanced studies/collaborative Research / conference participation in Indian and Overseas Institutions. 

3.1.4. Number of JRFs, SRFs, Post Doctoral Fellows, Research Associates and other research fellows in the university enrolled

3.1.5. University facilities

3.1.6.   Name of the Department with recognition ICMR-CAR, DST-FIST, DBT, MCI, DCI, PCI etc.

3.2.1. Research projects /clinical trials sponsored by nongovernment sources such as industry, corporate houses, international bodies, endowments, professional associations, endowment-Chairs etc.

3.2.2. Research projects/clinical research project sponsored by the government funding agencies 

3.3.1. Geotaged Photographs of Innovations

3.3.2. Workshops/seminars conducted on Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) Research methodology, Good clinical Practice, Laboratory, Pharmacy and Collection practices, Research Grant writing and Industry Academia Collaborations

3.3.3. Number of awards / recognitions received for innovation / discoveries by the Institution/teachers/research scholars/students from recognized bodies

3.4.1. Code of Ethics for research, the implementation

3.4.2. The Institution provides incentives for teachers who receive state, national or international recognitions/awards

3.4.3. Patents/ Copyrights published/awarded/technology transferred

3.4.4. Ph.D. Guide

3.4.5. Research publication (Scopus / Web of Science/ PubMed)

3.4.7. Books/ chapters, papers in National/International conference-proceedings (Scopus/Web of Science/ PubMed UGC-CARE)

3.5.1. Policy on IPR and consultancy

3.6.1 and 3.6.2. Extension and outreach activities

3.6.3. Awards and recognitions received for extension and outreach activities from Government / other recognized bodies

3.6.4. Institutional social responsibility activities

3.7.2. MoUs with Institutions/ industries in India and abroad