Department of Biotechnology and Microbiology are established departments under Centre for Scientific Research and Development, Faculty of Science at People’s University, Bhopal. This department aims to provide quality education to aspiring students in the field of Biotechnology and Microbiology and to envisage synergy between academic excellence & professional development. The department is maintaining its high standard to set the benchmark in the field of Biological Sciences, Education and Research.

There is an increasing demand for Biotechnologist and Microbiologist globally, specially in the area of Pharmaceutics, Bioprocess Engineering, Food Technology, Animal Biotechnology, Agricultural Biotechnology and Medical Biotechnology. Keeping this in view with a vision to create best Science College in Bhopal, People’s University established Department of Biotechnology and Microbiology. The Institution is devoted to become centre of excellence in the field of Research Innovation and Healthcare to generate highly knowledgeable, globally competitive, skilled Biotechnologist and Microbiologists.


  • Ph.D.

Eligibility: M.Sc. in any branch of Biological Science

  • M.Sc. Microbiology (2 years)

Eligibility: B.Sc. in any branch of Biological Science with at least 45% marks (40% in case of candidates belonging to reserved category)

  • M.Sc. Biotechnology (2 years)

Eligibility: B.Sc. in any branch of Biological Science with at least 45% marks (40% in case of candidates belonging to reserved category)

  • B.Sc. Biotechnology

Eligibility: Class XII pass with Biology, Physics & Chemistry as main subjects with at least 45% marks (40% in case of candidates belonging to reserved category)


The Industries that provide job opportunity in the area of Biotechnology & Microbiology includes:

  • Pharmaceutical Industries: Industries involved in production of Antibiotic (Penicillin, Streptomycin), Production and Manufacturing units of insulin, human growth hormone, interferon.
  • Food processing industries such bakery (bread, cheese, yogurt) , Tea and Coffee production plants
  • Bio-hazardous Waste management
  • Agriculture: Biofertilizer, Biopesticides
  • Single Cell Protein manufacturing Industries: SCP like Spirulina, Edible mushrooms
  • Brewery: Beer and Wine Production Units
  • Cosmetics Industries
  • Defense Research and Space Research
  • Bio-fuel Production Units: Bio-ethanol, Bio-diesel production
  • Meat Processing industries
  • Leather processing plants
  • Dairy industry: cheese, yogurt production


  • We provide syllabus compatible with CSIR-UGC-NET and GATE Examination with continuous up-gradation of the same as an when required
  • We emphasize on hands-on trainings and practical classes
  • Hostel, Mess and Transportation facilities are available
  • We are equipped with state of Art Research Laboratories in the area of Molecular Biology, Immunology, Biochemistry, Human Genetics and Microbial Technology.


People’s University situated in lush green campus with a pollution free academic friendly environment for the students. People group also provides safe housing facilities for staff and students. People’s University provide all the facilities under one roof such as Central Bank Branch & ATM, Post Office, Utility Shops, Food Court, Hospital, Cafeteria, Auditorium, and Gymnasium.

Central Library

Situated on the ground floor of Medical college building & provides excellent environment for academic growth of the students. The total surface area of the library is 2400 sq. mtrs. & at present there are 20748 books and 112 National and International journals. In addition to this, 50 computers with internet facility, academic CDs, Audio-visual aids and separate units for students are staffs are provided. In the library two separate reading halls for students remain open for 24 hours. On line full text more than 1524 Medline Journals along with skill lab. Apart from central library, Department of Biotechnology and Department of Microbiology has its own library with150 books.

Computer Lab



Biochemical Research Laboratory (BRL)
BRL focuses on ethanopharmacological, pharmacognosy, phototherapeutics as well as molecular and biochemical aspects of plants and microbes. BRL is exerting efforts on wound healing potential of botanicals with conventional and modern methods. The aim is to scientifically evaluate, indigenous ethanobotanicals as complementary and alternative medicines. BRL is also dedicated to analyze variation within species of microbes by employing the multidisciplinary approach. This knowledge will be used in the development of new therapeutics and to report new inventions globally as publication and patents.

Human Genetic Laboratory (HGL)
HGL deals with a comprehensive approach to search novel compounds for effective treatment of genetic diseases such as sickle cell anemia and cancer. The infrastructure of the laboratory is divided into molecular genetics, cytogenetics and cell lymphocyte culture laboratory. The laboratory is presently working on novel therapeutics from plants/microbes with toxicological studies and molecular diagnosis of sickle cell anemia. Additional facilities like diagnosis, molecular analysis of haemoglobinopathies, lymphocyte culturing, cytogenetic studies, cell culture and toxicity tests are provided.

Immunology Laboratory (IL)
IL aims to impart knowledge of the immune system and to promote awareness on tuberculosis. It is concerned about the prevalence, epidemiology and drug resistance among the Mycobacterium tuberculosis strains. It also involves search of unexplored microbial diversity capable of producing anti-tubercular metabolites, novel antibiotics from endophytes to overcome MDR-TB drug resistance. Laboratory assists young researchers for TB culturing, identification and detection of tuberculosis via molecular studies using PCR and dye based analysis.

Stem Cell Technology Laboratory (SCTL)
SCTL works in stem cell research, which focuses on in vitro differentiation of stem cells into lineages and maintenance of cell cultures. The research activities of laboratory range from cell culturing, differentiation and cell proliferation/cytotoxicity/anticancerous assays. The laboratory is well equipped with aseptic culture room, cell sorter, flowcytometer, incubator, deep freezer etc. for conducting stem cell research. SCTL also assist students to work in isolation of animal derived stem cells and human teeth.

Molecular Biotechnology Laboratory (MBL)
MBL pursue research activities in field of medical biotechnology. With an endeavor to encourage emerging biotechnologist and microbiologist to work on various aspects of molecular biology viz., carrier screening, DNA and protein profiling, Screening, purification and characterization of novel therapeutics. The infrastructure facilitates and provides space for students, researchers and doctors to conduct research on all promising areas of biotechnology. It promotes collaborations across disciplines and promises creative learning opportunities.

Central Instrumentation Laboratory
Central instrumentation laboratory equipped with specialized instruments viz. thermal cycler, gel documentation system, sonicator, Pico-spectrophotometer, fermentor, gas chromatograph, atomic absorption spectrophotometer etc. to cater the needs of faculty, students, and research scholars of our University and other Institutes.

Bio-safety Room
Centre for Scientific Research and development (C.S.R.D.) has two Biosafety rooms which maintain containment level II with the aseptic conditions, to conduct experiments on infectious biological agents.

Animal House
The C.S.R.D. Animal house has been compartmentalized into Quarantine, Store, Staff/Doctor’s, Autoclave and Animal room in an area of 206.55 sq mt. with approval of CPCSEA under education and research with registration number 1311/c/09/ CPCSEA. It maintains hygienic and optimum housing conditions for smooth conduct of animal experiments.


The conference halls are air conditioned and well equipped with sophisticated audio visual teaching aids. College building has 2 lecture halls each with seating capacity of 50 and more.


The faculty of Science, Department of Biotechnology and Department of Microbiology, Girls Hostel is situated well within the main campus of University. All the rooms are well furnished with modern amenities such as wooden cot, mattress with pillows, bed-spreads, individual cup-boards, chair-table with lamp for study purpose and wall hangers. Each room is provided with bath and toilet facilities, wash basin and mirror.
A hygienic canteen with state of the art facilities is available for dining within the Girls Hostel premises. An entertainment hall with LCD- TV, indoor game facilities, reading room with News Papers and popular magazines are some of the distinct additions. The Hostel is connected with communication facilities such as land-line telephone and Wi-Fi internet access.
Further, for the benefit of the hostellers, the College Main Library and the Computer Centre are kept open till 9:00 pm, which can be effectively utilized to widen their knowledge and skill.
With all the above facilities, we are sure, that the girls will feel more at home and concentrate on their studies, facilitated by the serene atmosphere, filled with greenery, surrounding the Hostel.


Spacious Auditorium of Department of Biotechnology and Department of Microbiology has comfortable seating arrangement with modern acoustics. Biotechnology/Microbiology Course Students congregate in the auditorium for various activities/events. It is a place for many students to explore their hidden talents. The auditorium provides many students their first introduction to solo performances. These activities act as a catalyst to boost confidence, inner strength and determination in the students.


Presence of People’s Hospital & People’s Super speciality Care Hospital on-campus is like another feather in the cap of Department of Biotechnology and Department of Microbiology.
Biotechnology/Microbiology Courses students can seek medical advice of top-notch specialists anytime in case of an emergency. Doors of the hospitals are always open for students for any medical assistance. Proximity of these hospitals rule-out the possibility of unavailability of medical aid at crucial times. Students remain safe and can get hassle-free medical treatment whenever required.


Physical fitness is the most important aspect of development for the students especially for the Biotechnology/Microbiology students as they have to remain physically and mentally alert most of the time. It is utmost important to maintain physical fitness for today’s gadget friendly younger generation. Gym of Department of Biotechnology and Department of Microbiology is well-equipped with all the instruments required for full body workout. Students can involve themselves in many physical activities in the gym to enjoy healthy and energetic lifestyle.


Central Bank of India’s Branch is located on campus. Many students know very little about financial management. On-Campus Bank Branch provides them first-hand experience of managing their finances. Some banking tasks such as the internet banking, mobile banking, online money transfer, digital payment etc may be Greek & Latin to some of the students. When they interact face-to-face with bank staff members, they learn most appropriately. Only on-campus bank branch can provide this comfort and banking education to the students.

Transport Facility

Transport facility has been provided to the students of Department of Biotechnology and Department of Microbiology on request.


Canteens and Cafeterias are the most vital part of students’ life. The College Cafeteria provides delicious food at affordable rates. It provides all types of nutritious eatables to students & visitors. It is also helpful in removing tensions and refreshing students as they sit together to interact with each other.

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