Research Projects 
Research projects with P.I. and Co-P.I.

S. No. Project Title  Investigator/s
1. Establishment of cell line cultures for stem cells. Prof. S.S. Sandhu & Meera Nair
2. Management of vector borne diseases with biological control of vectors i.e. biological control of mosquito. Prof. S.S. Sandhu
3. Characterization of bioactive compounds exhibiting hypocholesteroleneic, immune enhancing hypoglycemic and antioxidant properties, anti AIDS compounds from Mushrooms. Prof. S.S. Sandhu & Dr. Richa Jain
4. Genetic epidemiology of structural mutations in the β-thalassaemia gene. Dr. C.B.S. Dangi &
Dr. G. K. Sawke
(PCMS, Clinical Adv.)
5. Cytogenetic analysis in patients with suspected genetic disorders. Dr. C.B.S. Dangi &
Dr. Jayshree Ambore (P.G.H.)
6 Genetic polymorphism in oral pre cancer and oral cancer study at centromeric heterochromatic regions of chromosomes. Dr. C.B.S. Dangi &
Dr. S. Mhaskey (PDA, Dept. of Oral Pathology )
7 Potentials of different botanicals for the wound healing properties: Characterization and product development.  Dr. Rupesh Thakur
8 Outer membrane proteins of pathogenic bacteria. Biogenesis, relation with virulence and basis for diagnostics. Dr. Rupesh Thakur
9. Clinical and molecular epidemiology of Mycobacterium tuberculosis  recorded from pulmonary cases. Dr. D.K. Choudhary
10. Molecular characterization of Mycobacterium tuberculosis from ascitic fluid and other extrapulmonary cases. Dr. D.K. Choudhary
11. Fidelity of antigen-antibody reaction for detection ofMycobacterium tuberculosis pathogen through ELISA and dot blot assay. Dr. D.K. Choudhary
12. Isolation, purification and characterization of novel antifungal metabolites from microbes. Dr. Richa Jain & Prof S.S. Sandhu
13. Isolation, purification of novel anti cancerous metabolites from microbes. Dr. Richa Jain & Prof S.S. Sandhu
14. Molecular typing, molecular diagnostics and diversity analysis of human pathogens along with genetic studies. Dr. Abin Mani & Prof S.S. Sandhu