Human Genetic Laboratory (HGL) is intent to carry out research on the genetic diseases like haemoglobinopathies, diabetes and cancer. The infrastructure of lab is divided into Molecular Genetics Section, which encompasses Thermal Cycler, Horizontal Electrophoresis Assembly, Deep Freezer, D-10 (HPLC). The Cytogenetic Section is equipped with Research Microscopes for karyotyping studies. The Cell Lymphocyte Culture Section is equipped with CO2 Incubator, Centrifuge, Microscope and necessary apparatus for tissue culture. The lab is presently working on following main thrust areas: molecular analysis and diagnosis of thalassaemia; sickle cell anemia & diabetes; cytogenetic and toxicology studies. The lab offers some additional facilities like diagnosis and molecular analysis of haemoglobinopathies, cytogenetic study, lymphocytes culture and ideogram preparation, toxico-genomic study, cell culture and toxicity test, chromosomal studies and diagnosis of glycosylated hemoglobin. The lab is running various projects which are: 1. Cytotoxic activity of different plants and its flora. 2. Study on antisickling properties of native plants. The lab is running under the supervision and guidance of a Scientist (Dr. Abin Manii, Ph.D.) One Research Fellow (Er. Anand Dilip Firodiya, M.Tech Biotechnology) who is proficient in molecular analysis, and cell culturing. One Lab Technician (Narendra Rathore B.Sc., DMLT) have well hands on blood handling, slide preparation & testing.