Molecular biotechnology deals with the applications of bio-molecules via integrated use of various fields of sciences such as biology, chemistry, physics, engineering, computers and information technology along with studies of macromolecules and mechanisms found in living being. Molecular Biotechnology Laboratory persuades the emerging biotechnologist and microbiologist to work in the areas of advance biology. Ultimate aim is to develop tools and products that hold great promise and concern for the living creatures and their environment. The discipline encompasses fundamental science as well as a number of specialist areas such as genomics and proteomics, drug discovery and development, information biosciences, resource management and regulations. Molecular biotechnology is having a major impact in the health, food, veterinary and agriculture sciences. The objectives of this lab are to obtain insights into human biology and diseases at molecular level, including strategies for diagnosis and treatment. Work in the areas of molecular biology as applied to cancer, immunology, immunopathology and molecular technologies including genomics, proteomics, molecular evolution and protein engineering. MBL possess well-equipped laboratory supported by advanced instruments and techniques. The state-of-the-art laboratories provide space for students, researchers, doctors etc. It also promotes collaborations across disciplines and promise creative learning opportunities. The infrastructure set up absolutely matches with the international parameters so as to make the student thorough at par with global standards. Designed with excellence to maintain highly aseptic condition and conduct experiments with DNA, RNA, enzymes and antibiotic.