Strategies for the development of new more efficient drugs at a lower cost and lesser side effects is changing scenario of the modern drug development. Biotechnology and Pharmacology Laboratory focuses on applied biotechnology and herbal pharmacology for the development of Biopharmaceuticals. In the modern world of medicine, herbal based therapeutics possesses high reputation, since these medicines carry high remedial values without any major side effects. The laboratory research engages novel therapeutic target discovery and adding new knowledge to existing chemical and biological molecular entities.

Mushrooms have been treasured as natural health support for thousands of years and are an incredibly popular food in most countries. There is a rapid growth in medicinal mushrooms research due to its cardiovascular, anticancer, antiviral, antibacterial, antiparasitic, anti-inflammatory, antidiabetic properties, etc. The pilot area of BPL research is in medicinal mushrooms and their bioactive components.

This lab also focuses on Carrier screening, which helps in the early diagnosis of diseases. Hence, these examinations will benefit in reducing mortality rate among high-risk patients for developing a disease in future and suggest a need for further testing. Most doctors feel that early detection tests can save thousands of lives every year.