1. Characterization of Breadfruit Seed Hull Ash for Potential Utilization in Metal Matrix Composites for Automotive Application
Atuanya C.U., Aigbodion V.S., Nwigbo S.C.

2. Fuzzy Logic and Neural Network Approach to Short Term Thermal Unit Commitment
Maninder Kaur, Rajdeep Kaur

3. Performance of Insulated LPG Burner with Ball Bearings as Porous Medium
Mohd. Yunus Khan, Anupriya Saxena and Kishan Pal Singh

4. Efficiency Improvement of a Straight-Bladed Vertical Axis Wind Turbine
Rajeev Shrivastava

5. Network Layer Security Using IPSec in WiMAX
Monika Rani, Mridul Chawla

6. Microbial Studies on Some Coordination Compound of Metals with Ampicillin
Pranay Guru

7. Evaluation of Suitable Vertical and Horizontal Shadow Angles for Shading Devices at Mumbai, India
Amita Maurya, Usha Bajpai

8. Hiding Technique for Sensitive Rules by Swapping the Values of Support and Confidence
Padam Gulwani

9. Results of Acoustic Echo Cancellation for speech processing Using LMS Adaptive Filtering Algorithm
Ranbeer Tyagi, Umesh Naik

10. A Survey of Network Intrusion Detection system using Pattern Recognition Technique
Anshuman Sharma

11. A Neural Network Approach to Improve the Lossless Image Compression ratio
Vaishali Mehare, Sini Shibu

12. A Novel Approach for Intrusion Detection to improve the detection rate using Artificial Immune system and Neural Network Technique
Akansha Parashar, Praneet Saurabh

13. Minutiae Data Compression by Delta-Huffman Codes
Vishal Shrivastava, Pragya Shrivastava, Akhand Pratap Singh

14. Performance Analysis of BPSK and QPSK Based on Bit Error Rate
L N Gahalod, Shashikant Gupta

15. Low Power Design of SRAM Memory by using CMOS Technology
Laxmi Singh, Akhand Pratap Singh, Pooja Radwe

16. A Novel Threshold-I Method for Implementing Feedback and Feedforward FFT on FPGA Platform
Ashok Agarwal, L.N.Gahlod, Amit Sawaskade

17. Fusion Propulsion in SATCOM : A Review
Jitendra Soni

18. Regional Languages Character Mapper: An Open Source Approach
Hardeep S. Jawanda, Pardeep S. Cheema