Department of Applied Science & Humanities

Department of Applied Science is a multidisciplinary department and it is functioning with a team of dedicated faculty members who have been actively engaged in imparting quality teaching of the courses in basic science and humanities for graduating engineering students. The core courses offered being Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics and English. The department of Science & Humanities welcomes committed minds to join hands to build a strong dynamic and wholesome department. It is an endeavor of this department so that students find application of science to everyday life, moral and social understanding.


Our vision is to create a quality learning environment for all learners through partnerships with students, communities, businesses, and other educational institutions. To be recognized locally and regionally as a provider of high quality education and skills training.

We have distinct vision to nurture and inculcate knowledge and understanding of engineering sciences amongest the budding technocrats and groom the students with intellectual and professional strength. AS&H is an anvil to chisel future professionals with the skills of engineering, imbibed with social, ethical and moral values, so that the pupils can expedite their efforts to build technologies from knowledge and be a part of the workforce, instrumental in the development of the nation’s technological and economic progress.


  • To be the mainstay to prepare students’ strong technical, moral and ethical values to face global perspectives as competent engineers.
  • To encourage students for self-learning, and practical implementation by innovative teaching methodologies (techniques) and Mentor-Mentee program.
  • To support different engineering streams by giving them a strong foundation of concept and intellectual, fulfilling the need of present era.


Ms. Deepti Jain, Assistant Professor in IBM-ICE &Department Head of Applied Science & Humanities   She did M.Tech in Computer Science & Engineering from University of Technology Bhopal, B.E Computer Science & Engineering from Rajiv Gandhi Proudyogiki vishwavidyalaya, Bhopal. She has a rich teaching experience of 13 years and worked in various prestigious Engineering Colleges of Madhya Pradesh. She has published many research papers in National/International Journals.

She is a renowned personality in the field of academics and has a vast experience of around 13 years in research, teaching and academic administration. She Possess the quality of Team Leader, Hard-working Excellent Motivator, Members of various Committees of Institute for smooth conduction of various activities. Worked as NAAC Approver of Criteria VII. She is certified trainer of AWS.


“There is no such thing as a special category of science called applied science; there is science and its applications, which are related to one another as the fruit is related to the tree that has borne it.”

—by louis Pasteur

Department of Applied Sciences is considered to be the pedestal for the study of Engineering and I feel immense pleasure being a part of this department. Our department, that offers an intricate contribution to budding engineers, builds the foundation.  Since very first day it was our endeavor to leave a recognizable footprint and make our collage SORT a preferable rank holder in this business. Our aim is to make our students globally competent who can handle all the technical and social challenges. We are making efforts to inculcate professional ethics, social and ethical values so that they can face the future as well as global standards.

Well-equipped labs and a professional faculty are committed to our organization which provides the best teaching methodology for upcoming engineers. The Department of Applied Sciences works as a bridge between fundamentals of the Applied Science and basic engineering courses that equip the first-year students with the courses such as Applied Chemistry, Applied Physics and many more. These are the integral part of the engineering department which gives the domain knowledge of specific subject. The basic aim of Department of Applied Sciences is to provide the fundamental knowledge of subjects related to engineering mindset students. Topics like Fundamentals of computer programming & IT, basics of engineering help to re-strengthen the background of going to be engineer students.

The Applied Sciences Department is the base of all basic engineering and science subjects that groom the students’ overall personality. Courses viz. Communication skills, Business Management and ethics, and environment subjects help validate students with social and ethical knowledge which makes them a meaningful contributor to society. Apart from orientating students according to the norm of engineering courses, Department of Applied Sciences creates a friendly and conductive atmosphere for students and faculty to get adjust to the new environment. On this context we have introduced mentor-mentee program where our students can get an open and comfortable platform to express their opinions and grievances. Apart from bookish knowledge we encourage our students for self-leaning which is a demand of new era education. We keep on motivating our students for self-grooming. Through various students’ orientation program, we keep on inspire our students to flatter as genuine erudite and “Bootcamp-2019” is one of such programs that we arrange time after time. I being a head of Applied Sciences invite you to join this organization and experience the education we are imparting.


B.Tech. Mechanical Engineering 90
B.Tech. EC Engineering 45
B.Tech. EE Engineering 60
B.Tech. CSE Engineering 60
B.Tech. CE Engineering 90
B.Tech. IT Engineering 30
DIPLOMA Mechanical Engineering 60
DIPLOMA EC Engineering 60
DIPLOMA EE Engineering 60
DIPLOMA CSE Engineering 60
DIPLOMA CE Engineering 60
DIPLOMA Au Engineering 60
DIPLOMA Mi Engineering 60


S. No. Course Batch Branch Name Of Students Percentage Semester
1 B.Tech 2018 Mechanical Engineering ASHISH RANJAN SGPA  ; 8.40 I
2 B.Tech 2018 EC Engineering KUMAR GAURAV SGPA  ; 7.27 I
3 B.Tech 2018 EE Engineering PRAMOD KUMAR SGPA  ; 8.47 I
4 B.Tech 2018 CSE Engineering CHOUDHARY SURAJ SGPA  ; 8.67 I
5 B.Tech 2018 CE Engineering MD MOBARAK SGPA  ; 8.60 I
6 Diploma 2018 Mechanical Engineering MD ARMAN ALAM SGPA  ; 8.63 I
7 Diploma 2018 EC Engineering ABDUL MOTALLIB SGPA  ; 7.19 I
8 Diploma 2018 EE Engineering SOURABH KUSHWAH SGPA  ; 8.50 I
9 Diploma 2018 CSE Engineering ANJALI SINHA SGPA  ; 8.50 I
10 Diploma 2018 CE Engineering SHASHIKANT KUMAR SGPA  ; 8.63 I
11 B.Tech 2018 Mechanical Engineering ASHISH RANJAN SGPA  ; 8.00 II
12 B.Tech 2018 EC Engineering MD ABUBAKAR SGPA  ; 8.78 II
13 B.Tech 2018 EE Engineering PRAMOD KUMAR SHARMA SGPA  ; 8.13 II
14 B.Tech 2018 CSE Engineering CHOUDHARY SURAJ RAJESH SGPA  ; 8.67 II
15 B.Tech 2018 CE Engineering
SGPA  ; 8.47 II
16 B.Tech 2018 CSE  (CCV) Engineering ROMAN KARKI NAR SGPA  ; 8.67 II
17 Diploma 2018 Mechanical Engineering MD ARMAN ALAM SGPA  ; 7.81 II
18 Diploma 2018 EC Engineering SHAKTIKESH MISHRA SGPA  ; 7.06 II
19 Diploma 2018 EE Engineering MD ABDULLAH MALLICK SGPA  ; 7.75 II
20 Diploma 2018 CSE Engineering ANJALI SINHA SGPA  ; 8.31 II


Diploma 2018 CE Engineering PANKAJ KUMAR SGPA  ; 8.13 II
22 B.Tech 2019 Mechanical Engineering ABHAY SINGH PARIHAR SGPA  ; 8.35 I
23 B.Tech 2019 EE Engineering MOJAHID HUSSAIN SGPA  ; 7.27 I
24 B.Tech 2019 CSE Engineering REHNUMA AFREEN SGPA  ; 8.19 I
25 B.Tech 2019 CE Engineering VIVEK RAJ BITU SGPA  ; 8.12 I
26 Diploma 2019 Mechanical Engineering
SGPA  ; 7.35 I
27 Diploma 2019 EC Engineering MAHBOOB ALAM SGPA  ; 7.27 I
28 Diploma 2019 EE Engineering GURIYA KUMARI SGPA  ;7.31 I
29 Diploma 2019 CSE Engineering MUKESH THAKUR SGPA:- 7.65 I
30 Diploma 2019 CE Engineering SHIVAM KUMAR SGPA:- 7.62 I
31 B.Tech 2019 Mechanical Engineering SUDHANSHU BHARTI SGPA:- 8.27 II
32 B.Tech 2019 EC Engineering SOURABH KOURAV SGPA:- 7.54 II
33 B.Tech 2019 EE Engineering MOJAHID HUSSAIN SGPA:- 8.38 II
34 B.Tech 2019 CSE Engineering REHNUMA AFREEN SGPA:- 8.65 II
35 B.Tech 2019 CE Engineering ARBIND KUMAR MAHATO SGPA:- 8.62 II
36 B.Tech 2019 CSE  (CCV) Engineering SHIVANI NAGAR SGPA:- 9.20 II
37 Diploma 2019 Mechanical Engineering
SGPA:- 8.04 II
38 Diploma 2019 EC Engineering DEEPESH SONI SGPA:- 8.8 II
39 Diploma 2019 EE Engineering NISHANT RAJ SGPA:- 7.85 II
40 Diploma 2019 CSE Engineering MUKESH THAKUR SGPA:- 8.19 II
41 Diploma 2019 CE Engineering SHIVAM KUMAR SGPA:- 8.19 II


1 Guest Lecture on Application of Nano Technology in Water Purification 23 July 2019
2 Induction Program for first year students 26 Aug. to 31 Aug. 2019
3 Bridge Course For first year students 2 Sept. to 7 Sept. 2019
4 Essay and speech/Poem/Song competition on Hindi Diwas & Engineers Day 14 Sept. 2019
5 Fresher’s Party for new students (Batch 2019) 18 Oct. 2019
6 Children’s Day 14 Nov. 2019
7 Boot Camp for first year students 16 Dec. to 22 Dec. 2019
8 Personality Development& Grooming 28 Feb. 2020
9 Public Speaking and Public Appearance 06 March 2020
10 Online Poetry Competition 17 April 2020
11 Online Slogan Writing Competition on Earth Day Celebration 22 April 2020
12 Plantation Activity on Earth Day 22 April 2020
13 Ramanujan Death Anniversary-A video to tribute great Indian mathematician 26 April 2020
14 International Dance Day 29 April 2020
15 Salam Teachers (Dedicated to Teachers efforts during CORONA Crisis) 30 April 2020
16 Students Activity through Alphabets to spread CORONA Awareness 05 May 2020
17 Mother’s Day Celebration on Digital Media 10 May 2020
18 National Technology Day Celebration by organizing a Facebook like  competition in  continuation with celebration of Mother’s Day 11 May 2020
19 Online Parents Teachers Meet 18 May 2020
20 Ramp Walk “A Tribute to CORONA Warriors” 30 May 2020