School of Research & Technology (SORT) was established in 2007. The Institute’s environment is highly conducive for building a strong foundation of knowledge, development of personality, pursuit of excellence and self discipline and enhancement of creativity through innovation & motivation. Institute has well equipped modern laboratories, a well stocked library, computer networks and Fully Wi-Fi Campus.

School of Research & Technology stands for promoting academic excellence, discipline, ethics and sound practical exposure. Firstly, the core strength of the Institute lies in its pedagogy which includes conceptual teaching, projects, presentation and workshops. SORT believes that teaching has to be an optimal blend of theory and practical. Secondly, the Institute believes in absolute discipline and ensures that an example is set for the student by the Institute itself. It is ensured that classes are held on time and syllabus is completed. Lastly, SORT believes in training the students to be the corporate leaders of tomorrow with perceptive skills, deep rooted fundamentals and an ethical approach. SORT strongly believes in empowering the students and providing them a friendly and interactive atmosphere conducive to learning.