The next wave of computing is in the Cloud! Increasingly businesses want to get out of the complexity of managing data centers
and insteadfocus on their core competencies. This means that more and more businesses will adopt cloud computing as a
means to handle their IT requirements which gives them the freedom from day-to-day management of IT infrastructure.

According to an Article published at Forbes Website:

“47% of marketing departments will have 60% or more of their applications on a cloud platform in two years. When asked which Value-Added Reseller (VAR) is most likely to win their enterprises’ business for a significant hosting project, the majority said IBM IBM (18%) followed by Microsoft (11%), Amazon (8%) and Dell (7%).

Database (57%), e-mail (54%) and business applications (ERP, CRM & industry-specific apps) (49%) are the three leading application hosting investments enterprises will be making in the next two years.”

This B.Tech program with the specialization in Cloud Computing & Virtualization will help students understand Cloud Computing and Virtualization technologies. Cloud Computing is very much a work in progress at this time and so while the course comprehensively covers the basic technologies involved, the history of the cloud and its roots in Service Oriented Architecture and Utility Computing, it has ample scope to take in the fast changing models that are thrown out by cloud computing. Students of this program will also benefit from the several practical credits that provide hands-on capabilities on the various aspects of cloud.

Career Prospects:

More and more IT vendors are now moving over to offer to their customers their software, application, hardware, storage, and services over the new Cloud computing model, the requirement of skilled resources will continue to grow in size and complexity. A career in Cloud computing, therefore, will remain in great demand for several years, going forward. This is an emerging computing model which delivers IT related capabilities as a Service, over the internet, and one which promises much better ease of use, economies of scale and much greater flexibility in sourcing and adapting to change. Virtualization, Service Oriented Architecture, Software as a Service, Hardware as a Service, Platform as a Service, Business Process as a Service are all technologies and delivery mechanisms that comprise Cloud Computing.

Large System Integrator / ISV organizations help clients drive new innovations in a safe, scalable and accessible way, keeping in mind best practices in Service-Oriented-Architecture, Service management, virtualization, security, information on demand, application services and business process management. A B.Tech program with specialization in the area of Cloud Computing & Virtualization, therefore, adds tremendous value to an aspiring student.
The B. Tech program in Computer Science/IT with specialization in Cloud Computing & Virtualization prepares you for an exciting career in the following areas:

Cloud Solution Architects
Cloud System Administrator
Cloud Security Specialist
Cloud Application Development/Maintenance/ Testing
Migration and Modernization Specialists
Cloud Project Management

People’s University-IBM Collaboration
B Tech in IT/Computer Sciences with Specialization in Cloud Computing in association with IBM
B Tech in IT/Computer Sciences with Specialization in Business Analytics and Optimization in association with IBM
B Tech in IT/Computer Sciences with Specialization in Open Source and Open Standards in association with IBM

Highlights of Program
Program helps Students to keep up with the rapid changes in the technology, so that students may be better prepared for the IT industry needs by providing up-to-date Technology / Business related curricula and training for the faculty.

IBM is one of the world’s largest IT Company with $100 billion in revenue and with over a century of innovation. IBM is also one of the only 2 companies to remain in the top 25 Industrial companies since 1900. IBM is one of the most respected brand in the world with operations is more than 170 countries. IBM also has more patents that any other company for 20 consecutive years.
The IT Market today presents new opportunities to leverage technology, driven by monumental shifts in market dynamics and client demands. The key areas of growth and requirement of skilled resources are Cloud, Analytics, Mobile enterprise, Social computing, Security and IT infrastructure management.

This program provides an online platform which supports the interaction between students and faculty with subject matter experts (SME) and industry mentors, therefore making the Industry collaboration a particular and fundamental factor of the program. Regular Faculty-SME interaction is one of the core components of this model.
Program courses -being part of every semester- have been designed by the industry experts and have industry aligned content & curriculum design based on Foundation, Core & Advanced subjects. The focus on applied IT industry skills with emphasis on labs & hands-on. It is well researched, up-to-date and contemporary, as per Technology / Business Domain requirements & emerging trends.
The program has innovative method of course delivery incorporating both face-to-face and continuous online collaborative learning between Industry SMEs, Faculty team & Students.
SME sessions at the campus, Webinars, online learning integrated with class room sessions, Discussion Forum, Industry Projects, Industry Mentors, Gurukool (week long engagement in Bangalore with the industry), Summer Excitement session at the campus, Poster competition, Technical Paper competition.
The industry oriented degree along with the IBM certificate of completion, provides the students a definitive edge over their peers. One can look forward to specialist career options.