Sarvajanik Jankalyan Parmarthik Nyas, Bhopal was registered on 17th April 2000 under the MP public trust act, 1951.The sprit of altruism that permeates the Indian psyche, led to founding of the Sarvajanik Jankalyan Parmarthik Nyas, with the mission to set up hospitals, educational institutes, shelters for the poor and underprivileged, and undertaking other philanthropic projects for the welfare of the public. The Nyas is also extending financial assistance and scholarship to the poor and meritorious students. Nyas has already established several health related institution such as medical college, dental colleges, hospitals, nursing colleges, management institute, paramedical colleges, engineering colleges, physiotherapy and pharmacy colleges and other educational institutes, right from a public school to centers of higher professional studies. The magnificence of these institutions bears testimony to the shining vision and sincerity of purpose, which are the hallmarks of the Nyas.


  • One of the largest hub of medical sciences education in Asia with Schools on medical science, dentistry, paramedical science, nursing, pharmacy, physiotherapy, management, engineering as constituent units of Peoples University.
  • Highly specialized treatment to masses, on free and assisted basis.
  • A centre of excellence in education, based on the cradle to career concept- a full fledged public school and institutes of professional studies with Courses in business management, media studies, dental, engineering, hotel management, industrial training, career development, printing technology and- on the anvil-institutes of aviation, life sciences, fashion & design technology.
  • Promotion of research and innovation through encouragement, recognition and financial assistance under a special R&D division, Scholarship to meritorious students.
  • Community health extension services
  • ISO certified institutions.

Objectives of Trust:

  • To establish chikitsalaya for the treatment of all persons, to establish chikitsalaya on hired building for that purpose, to assist the patients for treatment, or to bear whole or in part amount expended on treatment by the patient.
  • To purchase necessary instruments used in the chikitsalaya for the treatment of patients and to utilize them in their own chikitsalaya and other chikitsalaya in the interest of the patient as per the rules of Nyas.
  • This trust will be called as Public Trust which will work for welfare of all classes and categories of the society.
  • To construct charitable and community buildings.
  • To establish school, college and developing center for the welfare of children and welfare center for orphans, women, widows, shelter less and divorced women.
  • To construct hostel for service class and labour women and to establish education center and creche for their children.
  • To work for the welfare of handicapped, blind, leprosy patient, and old persons as well as delinquent adolescent.

Values of Trust

Our people. The continued professional and personal development of our dedicated, student-focused faculty and doctors is critical to our success as leader in the field of health and education.

Leadership. Dynamic and decisive leadership, demonstrated at all levels of the organization, fosters a robust, professional company capable of achieving our social missions.

Teamwork. The combined talent throughout our organization is a powerful force; it is the foundation for a healthy, dynamic and successful organization. We welcome the open exchange of ideas and understand that our collective experience, perspective and background provide all the ingredients for a winning team.

Quality. We are committed to excellence, and strive to meet the strict guidelines demanded by the concerned organizations and provide the latest high tech teaching methods to the faculty as well as the students. Our quality initiatives enable us to be efficient, creative, thus providing quality education. ALL OUR Institutions are ISO certified.

Our culture. Integrity, professionalism, a genuine sense of pride in our work ethic, mutual respect and a commitment to our Social Mission are the qualities that make us special.


  • Guard against adverse Environmental, Health & Safety risks
  • Reduce, re-use, recycle & renew
  • Enhance efficient use of resources and energy
  • Establish strict compliance as per environmental regulations.
  • Nurture nature and promote EHS awareness among our employees, students and   patients