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Conference Proceeding of International Conference on “EMERGING TRENDS IN TECHNOLOGY AND SCIENCE” by School of Research & Technology


– Neurophysiology
– Gang Tarang
– Dollar Ka Aachar
– Narmada Ke Shabad
– First Aid For Nurses
– A Text Book Of Manufacturing Science – II
– A Text Book Of Therapeutic Modalities in Psychiatric Nursing.
– Industrial Robotic
– Information Storage & Managment.
– Fundamentals of Soft Computing and Intelligent System.
– The Art of Teaching Medical Students.
– Biomarkers in Toxicology.
– Tumor Marker & Carcinogenesis.
– A Laboratory Manual on Pharmaceutical Organic Chemistry
– Pharmaceutical Organic Chemistry-1
– Manual of Glaucoma.
– Mechanical Engineering.
– An Introductory Approach to Pharmaceutical Regulatory Affairs.
– Nutraceuticals – Efficacy, Safety and Toxicity
– Oral Histology & Embryology.
– Catchment of life
– Lip Prints as Forensic Evidence
– Plants, Stress & Proteins
– Advances in Preventive Dentistry.
– Textbook of Diabetes Mellitus
– Surgical Skills on Internal Illac Artery Ligation.
– Textbook of Oral Pathology
– Pediatric Emergencies.
– PCMS-Books/Chapters in books authored by faculty members