Your valuable opinions and suggestions are solicited for further improvement of the University system. We have a Five point scale evaluation system namely

1) Strongly Agree (SA),
2) Agree (A),
3) Neutral (N),
4) Disagree (D)
5) Strongly Disagree (SD).

Your responses will be kept confidential and used only for the stated purpose.

1) Programs offered by the university have relevance to global and societal needs.

2) Student welfare system is effective and satisfactory

3) Facilities provided by the university like Hospital, Medical store, Canteen etc

4) The curriculum designed is under the scope of student.

5) The admission process adopted by the University is effective.

6) The examination and the evaluation system followed by the University is effective.

7) The various extracurricular activities are sufficient

8) The institutions working under Peoples university is working well for promoting quality in the institution.

9) The curriculum incorporates moral and professional ethics

You have finished the Feedback.

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