Ms. Megha Vijaywargia
Director (HR,IT and Logistics)

Ms. Vijaywargia, after completing her Masters from Bhopal, moved to United States. She worked in the U.S. for a decade and has extensive experience in finance. Her sole motive is to ensure optimum utilization of available resources for the betterment of the Group. Her aim for Peoples Group is to get identified on the globe as worlds leading educational group. She also holds an Advanced Diploma in multimedia. She is very dedicated trustee and director of the Group. Her organizing skills make her a very efficient leader. She is focused, flexible and believes in team spirit. Her open mindedness gives an opportunity to any person in the group to bring in innovative ideas for development. Her core strength is her ability to handle situation in an honest and transparent way that allows others to understand the reasons behind a particular decisions and execute them accordingly.


Capt. Ruchi Vijaywargia

A trained pilot by profession, Ruchi has worked in US for over a decade. Her great passion for work and strong inter personal skills helps her to manage a heterogeneous group of employees. She is forward looking, driven, enterprising, soft-spoken but definitely outspoken. She has greatly contributed to the PGs winning team through effective recruitment and selection process. Her greatest asset is her ability to manage priorities effectively, balance multiple objectives and cope with high levels of stress in a fast-paced, dynamic work environment.

Ms. Neha Vijaywargia 

A Post graduate in management, She has the intimate knowledge of the vast canvas of the People’s Group. Young, bright and mature, she is an early contributor and handles the Groups logistics department. She overseas audits, inventory control and system enhancements. Her decision-making capability and taking calculated risks is her key strength.

Capt. Ambrish Sharma
Director Administration 

A trained Commercial Pilot by profession, Capt. Sharma has an extensive experience of working in the United States. He is a Multifunctional professional and an able coordinator. He possess strong organizational skills and the ability to develop, motivate, and train people coupled with leadership talent and communication skills. Energetic and enthusiastic, he is highly experienced at working with all types of individuals and manages simultaneous projects and meets deadlines. He overseas various complex administrative services of the Group.

Mr. Mayank Vishnoi

He has achieved success in his life through hard work and dedication. He worked in the U.S. for a decade.He wants to create an environment of possibility, potential and opportunity for the weaker sections of the community. He possess strong organizational and managerial skills and the ability to motivate and train a large team of professionals. His leadership skills have contributed to growth of People’s Group to hights it is today.

Mr. Rohit Pandit 

He is a  Post graduate in management. He is a young and dynamic person with positive attitude. He emphasises on encouraging the young talents & creating the oppurtunities for them.He has vast experince of international business.

Mr. I. H. Siddiqui
Project Director

A Civil Engineer by profession, he has nearly five decades of leadership experience in providing practical and novel approaches to solving complex problems of projects. He is accustomed to managing multiple highly critical, complex projects simultaneously and bringing them to satisfactory conclusions. An experienced hard-core management professional, he possesses a dynamic and versatile personality. Acclaimed for his valuable contribution in making BHEL a green township, he has to his credit many successful important projects in India and abroad.

Col. Ashok Khurana
Director Planning & Development

An Ex-Army Man, he is a multi tasker and a dynamic administrator. He has a proven track record of effective professional performance in his service career spanning thirty-two years at senior management levels under daunting circumstances. He possesses excellent personnel management and organizational skills. He is recognized for participative management, take-charge attitude and high standards of performance.