S. no Particulars I-Semester II- Semester
1 Duration of  Semester 1st July-19 – 20th Sep-19 10th Oct-20, 15th -Jan-20
2 Teaching & Internal Working Days 1st July-19, 20th Sep-19
(70 days)
10th Oct-20, 15-Jan-20
(70 days)
3 Commencement of Semester 1st July-19 10th  Oct-20
4 Filling of Enrollment Form 30th August-19 NA
5 Submission of Enrollment Form 10th  Sept-19 NA
6 Teacher’s Day 05th Sept-19 NA
7 Filling of Exam Form 10th Sept-19 10th Jan-20
8 Submission of Exam Form 15th  Sept-19 15th Jan-20
9 Submission of Exam Form with Late Fee 17th Sept-19 17th-Jan-20
10 Semester End Exam 25th Sept-19 27th Jan-20
11 Preparation Leave of Examination 21st  Sep-19,  24th  Sep-19  22th Jan-20, 26th  Jan-20
12 Dissertation Topic Allotted NA NA
13 Submission of Dissertation NA NA