Our Vision

To establish a Centre for imparting knowledge, enhancing skills and cultivating attitudes among the students, in order to achieve academic and human excellence.

To develop human sensibilities and dedication to the cause of humanity and ambition to make lasting contribution to the society.

To provide a centre for research and innovation to meet horizons of knowledge in all its streams

Our Mission

To create a Model University with global outlook in the areas of Higher and Professional Education, so recognized for its excellence as measured by the quality of education, training, research, scholars and the graduates it produces, along with their collective impact on the larger society.

To achieve this excellence, create an environment where the university administration, faculty, staff, students and alumni are all committed to the highest standards of performance, where a meaningful and mutually beneficial collaboration take place with other organizations, institutions, authorities and body corporates in education, industry, business, public and social services, etc beyond the campus walls and useful beyond the academic community.

To accept diversity as an essential characteristic and strength of our community and draw upon this diversity to create a university of excellence, which can serve as a catalyst for the creation of a ideal society,one built on tolerance, respect and a sense of shared destiny and individual dignity.