1. Microbial Analysis on Cu(II) & Zn(II) Compound with Chloramphenicol
Pranay Guru

2. Bit Error Rate Analysis of V-Blast System with BPSK Modulation Scheme
Pravin Kumar Barmashe

3. Design of Channel Quality Inspired Scheduling Algorithm for Fast Downloading
Shilpa Saxena, Prof. Jai Karan Singh, Prof. Mukesh Tiwari, Dr. Anubhuti Khare

4. Implementation and Analysis of Security Measures in Hybrid Wireless Mesh Networks
Manjhari Jain, Hari Kumar Choudhari

5. Experimental Investigation of Performance Parameters of the Single Cylinder Four Stroke Diesel Engine with Lean Coconut Bio Diesel – Diesel Blends as Fuel
Vikram Kumar, Sanjeev Kumar Gupta, Bhupendra Koshti

6. Some Properties of the Generalized Hypergeometric Function Associated With The Confluent Hyper Geometric Function
R.N. Yadava, Kamal Wadhwa, Awadhesh Kumar Pandey

7. A Novel Approach for Association Rule Hiding
Padam Gulwani

8. Analysis of Vertical and Horizontal Shadow Angles for Shading Devices at Nagpur, India
Amita Maurya

9. Digital Image Compression comparison results for fixed weight coefficient using DPCM Quantization
Ranbeer Tyagi , Rohit Yadav , Akhilesh R. Upadhyay

10. Evaluation of Tetracycline Complex
Pranay Guru

11. Ecological Status of River Tapti in Madhya Pradesh and its Effects on Fish Diversity
Vikrant Jain , Gajanand Thakre

12. Performance Evaluation of Equalizers and Different Diversity Techniques using OFDM
Satyendra Chadokar

13. A Study of Electron Beam Machining
Jalees Ahmed

14. A Comparative Study to improve the efficiency of Intrusion Detection using Soft Computing Technique
Anshuman Sharma

15. Digital Audio Broadcasting Systems providing QoS Using Modeling and Simulation
Rashmi Pandey, Monika Agrawal

16. Performance Evaluation of SER in V-Blast/ZF/MAP Algorithm
Pravin Kumar Barmashe, Satyendra Chadokar

17. Performance Charecteristics of a Four Stroke C. I. Engine operated on preheated Waste Vegetable Oil Bio Diesel – Blend
Vikram Kumar, Sanjeev Kumar Gupta, Bhupendra Koshti

18. Multiplexed Analog Component (MAC) Encoding for the Improvement of Picture quality in Extended definition Television
Jitendra Soni

19. Design Construction and Testing of an Evaporative Cooling Barn for Sweet Potatoes
Nidhi Saraf, Prasenjeet Mukherjee