1.1.1 Curricula developed and implemented by the University-

1.1.2 Programmes where syllabus revision was carried out 

1.1.3 Courses with focus on competency/ employability/ entrepreneurship/ skill-development

1.2.1 Programmes with Choice-Based Credit System (CBCS)/Elective course system

1.2.2 New Degree Programmes, Fellowships and Diplomas

1.2.3 Interdisciplinary courses

1.3.1 Crosscutting issues relevant to Gender, Environment and Sustainability, Human Values, Health Determinants, Right to Health Issues, Emerging demographic changes and Professional Ethics 

1.3.2 Value-added courses

1.3.3 Students who successfully completed

1.3.4 Field visits / research projects / Industry internship / visits/Community postings

1.4.1 Structured feedback

1.4.2 Feedback process